Executive Coaching for Leaders in Tech

“Congratulations and welcome to the exec level of the tech world! You’re likely heading towards burnout, relationship problems, declining physical and mental health, and an early exit by way of getting fired.”

-Lisa Duerre

Whoa! Aren’t you glad that isn’t what you heard when you landed your role as a tech exec? That’s enough of a warning label to make anyone shy away from being a tech leader.

And yet, that’s the stone-faced reality countless tech execs face on a daily basis with no one to turn to who they can trust to guide them towards lasting success.

The pace and pressure of being a tech executive is unlike anything else on the planet! You have a tremendous amount of risk on your shoulders from above, across the table, and under your direct reports and their teams. Simply put, you can’t afford to ‘wing it’ and hope you stay ahead of the chaos. As the saying goes, “What got you here won’t get you there.”

“Lisa, I’ve earned my stripes. I’ve worked my whole life to get here — I’ve got this!”

You have somebody filing your taxes, cleaning your house, taking your kids to soccer practice, and even picking up your groceries or readymade dinner. It’s short-sighted if you’re relying on only yourself to succeed as an exec, even if you are the next Steve Jobs or Marissa Mayer.

Newsflash: if you’re…

  • A first-time executive, in a new executive role at a new-to-you company, or promoted to the next level at your current company in the last 12 months…
  • Facing a massive change initiative…
  • Looking to transition to a new season of your leadership, life, or career…

You need Executive Coaching!

What Are the Benefits of Executive Coaching?

Fact: tech executives with coaches get results faster, experience a lower risk of burnout, and have longer, more meaningful careers than those without coaches.

The breakneck speed of change in the tech world can make your head spin, but having a coach means someone you trust is keeping you grounded and focused.

After spending the past 25-plus years as an executive and executive coach in Silicon Valley, I’ve seen the impact of great executive coaching and benefited from having an awesome coach throughout my career. When I first start with new executive coaching clients, they’re scared, overwhelmed, and in desperate need of someone to talk with about what’s really going on in their lives and companies. They want to look like they have it all together inside their organizations, in front of their clients, and even at home.

Does my approach work? Every single client of mine who’s been through a merger or re-org thanks their lucky stars that I was with them every step of the way. They’re able to get crystal clear on blind spots, have measurable business and life goals, and report a higher satisfaction overall. Their employee satisfaction survey results also see a noticeable jump. By the way, those without a merger and more successful as well.

You don’t need some theory-driven, zero-experience ‘expert’ who’s never been a tech exec guiding you. What you need is someone (enter: me) who will help you filter out the noise, navigate office politics, and identify everything that’s important in day-to-day exec life.

That’s the power of a great executive coach. Anything less is a massive disservice to your organization, customers and loved ones. I create a safe place for you to be accountable and recognize your blind spots before they get in the way of your success. I bring experience, empathy and truth telling as your coach.

I know how to optimize strengths and minimize risk. My organizational specialties include: Field Engineering, Marketing, Human Resources, and Sales Development. I’ve led those functions and also coached leaders of those areas in tech companies. I’ve developed departments, hired, fired, reorged, merged, everything you can think of in the tech leadership space. I know what it takes and have done it myself and with my clients.

“Lisa brings expert strategies and true partnership to her leadership development programs and her executive coaching engagements. She has valuable hands on business experience and incredible interpersonal talents and really knows how to help individuals and teams reach new levels of synergy, contribution, and impact.”

Maura McGinnity

Senior Director of Development, Stanford University

How Do You Know If Executive Coaching Is Right for You?

Executive coaching is for you if you want tools, resources, and executive coaching to support you in:

  • making complex decisions in compressed time frames… 
  • establishing your leadership reputation…  
  • building relationships across the company quickly… 
  • assessing your business, your team, and the workload against competing priorities… 
  • minimizing the disruption and distractions that occurs when new leaders join the team (or when any organizational change occurs)… 
  • establishing trust and effectively engaging your teams on the business at hand

If that’s YOU, then you’re the perfect candidate for Executive Coaching!

What to Expect with Executive Coaching for Tech Executives

Executive Coaching is customized and specific to your unique needs. Executive Coaching typically includes a combination of Touchpoint Calls, assessments, feedback curated and evaluated from team members and stakeholders, and a clearly defined success pathway with measurable outcomes. The first step is scheduling an Enrollment Call to best understand your unique needs for Executive Coaching.

Let the stats and stories from other executive coaching clients speak for themselves

“I said “Yes!” to my dream job as an EVP. At this level of leadership, the stakes are higher; it’s risky and complicated. For me, it was even more complex as I was not only new to the role, but I was new to the company. I inherited a senior team when I took on the role. This was a new kind of leadership challenge for me.

Strategy, morale, and business objectives were all front of mind when I became the EVP. I wanted to stabilize the team quickly and at the same time, effectively set direction and expectations. Early on, I lost a critical team member, so I did two jobs while I sourced and hired a replacement. This complexity and opening on my team tipped the scales and required me to be more efficient than ever with my time and energy.

It became very difficult to maintain a clear picture of what’s most important and strategic with a million things on my plate. I tried playing the long game. It was draining not always having a sense of whether I was simply ‘checking boxes’ or making a more strategic difference as I got the day-to-day jobs done.

That’s where Lisa helped me stay afloat and start making true momentum in my role. In addition to her extensive experience as a coach, everything Lisa says and does is informed by her own professional experiences leading teams and departments in major corporations. Since coaching with Lisa, I am better at my job, more relaxed, and more focused with my decision-making. I’m able to come to high-risk decisions faster with less internal debate. I was able to take a step back and do a far better job isolating the areas of opportunity most important to my company and team. Retention has improved, I’m more effective at hiring and retaining top-tier talent, and my team’s morale and engagement is considerably better.”

From an Anonymous EVP for a Tech Company

“I don’t think anyone should make big decisions without consulting with a coach such as Lisa. Your career and personal well-being are too incredibly valuable not to do so. I appreciated how Lisa didn’t tell me what to do…she simply prompted me to figure that out for myself. I’ve never received coaching/advice as valuable as my work with Lisa. Yes, the magnitude of my specific situation was part of the reason…but I feel that Lisa’s help was invaluable, partly for the tactical advice…and partly for the mental preparation.”

Anonymous Senior Director, Data Services

Lisa is genuine, fun and supportive in her approach, yet she’ll hold you accountable to ensure you achieve the results you desire. Whether you are an Executive, business owner, or burned out working parent who is looking to up your game (or find a new game or re-engage in the game), I highly recommend Lisa! She’s been there, done that and knows exactly what you need to get you on your way.”

Susan Nelson

Founder & Principal Consultant, The Pragmatic Life

“I’ve had the sincere pleasure to know and work with Lisa for nearly 20 years. Regardless of her leadership role during that time, she consistently proved herself to be a talented, fair and open-minded, go-to, get-it-done-right professional. Lisa knows what details matter, and makes each person she interacts with feel welcome by giving them her undivided attention. She is simply always genuine and helpful. Lisa’s personality, skills, experiences, and drive together enable her to be adept at any challenge she chooses to

tackle, no matter how complex, time-sensitive, or large in scope. I’ve been fortunate to benefit from her coaching and guidance throughout these years, for my own personal growth and career development, as well as for those on my direct staff.”

Bob Moussavi, Director of Engineering

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