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Tech Speaker Meets the Disability Awareness Stage

Facilitator & Moderator

Facilitator & Moderator

When you can’t afford for your panelists to fall flat, you need a moderator who understand speaking, but also understands how to interview people. I have a unique way of connecting to the heart of other speakers, drawing out their expertise on panels for the most impact. I’ve been invited to moderate panels worldwide for high impact companies and organizations. With high visibility panelists for high impact, companies know they can trust their guests with me.

In 2022, I was diagnosed with lipolymphedema, a progressive stage of Lipedema, a misunderstood and misdiagnosed disease characterized by painful fat deposits, often affecting mobility in later stages. Lipedema affects all aspects of life and impacts 1 in 11 women.

Navigating lipolymphedema has deepened my understanding of leadership philosophy, leading to the development of the FIRM Leadership Model, which aims to create inclusive workplaces.

My journey with lipolymphedema has transformed me professionally and personally. While my experiences in Silicon Valley provided insights into leadership, recent years have highlighted the impact of biases and lack of understanding regarding hidden disabilities, chronic illness, fat bias, and inclusivity in the workplace, influencing my leadership approach.

Speaking & Facilitation

Hi, I’m Lisa, a former Silicon Valley executive now dedicated to transforming the way leaders in tech approach meaningful leadership. Through dynamic keynote speaking engagements and interactive facilitation, I create immersive experiences where audiences connect deeply with each other.
Combining my experience in tech with podcasting, facilitation, and coaching, I specialize in delivering interactive keynote experiences, moderating panels and fireside chats, and embedding myself into events to foster engaging discussions. In today’s disconnected world, where leaders and teams often suffer from change fatigue, I offer a unique approach to help audiences connect and reboot their energy.
Let’s embark on a journey of authentic leadership together, where hard truths are spoken from the heart, and real-life stories inspire lasting change in leaders and their teams.


What Others Have Said

“I could see myself in Lisa’s story of high achiever and burn out! Her passion and candid manner was engaging, spot on and fun. I came away with a renewed understanding of the new story I want to create for me and my career: more efficient, focused and balanced at work and more fun at home!”

Kate Steinbacher, President of The Coaching Advantage

Lisa brings insight, professionalism, empathy, presence, and a delightful sense of humor to every engagement. I look forward to each opportunity to collaborate with her on podcasts, online events, and Clubhouse rooms. Lisa has a rare way of making people feel seen and heard and bringing out the best in every “in-the-moment” interaction. Highly recommend Lisa for leadership and organizational development engagements, speaking, and as a podcast guest!”

Karen Worstell, MA, MS Cybersecurity Strategist

Igniting a Movement of FIRM Leadership

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