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Who Trusts Consulting ‘Experts’ With Zero Real-Life Experience..


You Can Trust a 25-Year Silicon Valley Executive Who’s Actually Done What You Want to Do

Leaders in tech face a significant amount of risk when it comes to the future. How do you know you’re seeing the full picture for where your organization is heading next? The value of a great consultant means less worry, more clarity, and faster results.

The value of a great consultant means less worry, more clarity, and faster results.

I love consulting with Tech Companies…

Guess what happens when you spend 25 years leading in tech and building world-class organizations and programs? You learn a few things about how to build multi-billion-dollar enterprises.

Who are some of these tech companies who trust my consulting insight and instincts? Names you would recognize, companies whose browsers, search engines, mobile communication devices, wearable tech, smart home tech, you-name-it tech you trust to make your day, life, and business a lot more convenient and efficient. I’d name-drop here, but I’m also under NDAs. You can already guess their names though — and you’d be right!

I get super excited when my clients get results because of what I recommended. It confirms that my over 25 years as an exec in tech and tech consultant are continuing to get amazing companies the results they need.

Consulting is where I get to use my full expertise…and also connect my invaluable Silicon Valley-connected network with your company’s needs. That alone is worth the price of admission. 

My Suite of Consulting Solutions

After 25 years, I am a master consultant who can provide you with expert-level insight and hands-on guidance for these areas of need… 

  • Organizational Development

  • Leadership Development

  • Influence & Communication Programs 

  • Talent Development Programs and Services

  • Customer Training Programs and Services

  • Technical Training Programs and Services

  • Sales Training Programs and Services

  • Internal Employee Event Strategy & Design

  • Sales KickOff Event Strategy & Design

  • User Group Event Strategy & Design 

Consulting Clients Who Trust Me

“I was leading an already high-functioning, cross-functional team that still faced some challenges navigating different personality strengths. We wanted to function as the best version of our team, which meant learning crucial insights about our team. Lisa is GREAT at what she does! My favorite part was watching ‘non-believers’ or folks who think such exercises are ‘too fluffy’ turn into complete believers, follow the exercises, and gain value from it. Lisa’s magic was in getting everyone invested, engaged, participating and gaining value. Lisa’s work helped us structure the team, roles, and co-dependencies properly so our team kept functioning great on its own despite multiple leadership transitions.”

Irana Wasti

“Before working with Lisa, my greatest challenge was helping my inexperienced staff not to get overwhelmed as they rapidly began to appreciate the difficulty and scale of what I was asking them to accomplish. We were experiencing difficulty in controlling messaging and having true clarity in communicating about issues in our organization. I knew from past experience that there is no substitute for experienced and calm perspectives like Lisa brings to the table. She is an amazing listener who challenged me with great questions and ideas. Since working together, my confidence in our junior staff is much higher and issues are much more effectively framed for action with clear alternatives and choices.”

Mike Schroeder

Let’s Start a Conversation

Hiring a tech consultant can be intimidating, but dude, it doesn’t have to be. That’s why I recommend we grab a Fast Track Call to talk about your stuck spots and goals in a completely confidential, no-judgment conversation. You can share more about the challenges you’re facing and what you’d love to see accomplished in the next few months.

If you’re serious about getting amazing results and insight, book your Fast Track Call now.



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