In this episode of Ctrl + Alt + Delete with Lisa Duerre™ – Make sure to lean in during these key moments in the episode:

[1:58] What should leaders be thinking about to create a high-performance environment?

[3:10] What does it mean to be a highly sensitive person?

[8:58] Sensitivity is a spectrum

[11:25] Sensitivity is not about emotion

[12:58] Are highly sensitive people the same as introverts?

[14:37] How to re-energize yourself as a highly-sensitive person

[17:10] Create the environment that best suits you to lead & love

[20:10] Highly sensitive people as assets to leaders

[23:46] Leaders have a responsibility to become more sensitive

[27:34] Advice/tools for highly-sensitive people

[32:10] 3 steps that are pivotal to highly-sensitive people

[40:17] Where are you on the sensitivity scale?

[47:44] Resources to learn if you have highly-sensitive traits


  • Sensitivity is misunderstood as empathy, but it is not about emotions. Highly-sensitive people have highly tuned senses.
  • Having a deep knowledge of yourself and what you need allows you to better understand others.
  • Highly-sensitive people will help you create an environment where everyone is more comfortable and productive.
  • Shyness is not an innate trait, but a label we put on people. As a leader, you are responsible for creating a safe space for all individuals on the team.

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