Brilliant minds in virtually every type of tech are disappearing and no one knows who’s next. The culprits? Four of the most sinister, brazen villains lurking in our lives just waiting to bring down leaders in tech. Heroes — that would be you — need to activate their superpowers to defeat these villains.

What villains am I talking about? You know the ones: overwhelm, fear, stress, the ones that hijack our momentum and focus as leaders in tech. They affect every single leader in tech — including you.

What’s easy to overlook is that moments like these can also create extraordinary momentum and change for good. That is if you use your superpowers and kick the villains to the curb!

Now is the time for clarity on what matters most.

Now is when greater creativity is essential.

Now, maybe more than ever, you need to activate your superpowers, defeat those villains, and give your company and community the hope they need. They need to know they can count on you to be part of the solution and lead the way with your head and heart integrated.

In this “BAM-POW-WHAM!” resource, Lisa Duerre shares from her 25-year track record of helping executives  and leaders in some of the top tech companies in the world identify and activate their superpowers.

Download your guide today and you’ll unmask the four villains haunting leaders in tech today, find the villains’ secret hiding spots in your life and company, and know which superpowers you can use to find clarity and peace of mind again. 

Here’s some results from three clients that recently took action and rebooted their superpowers.

Trang is a CMO at major tech company and loved what she learned by unmasking her villains:

“I’ve been able to take a step back and do a far better job of isolating the areas of opportunity that will be most important to the company and my team. Retention has improved, I’ve been more effective at hiring top tier talent, and my team’s morale and engagement are considerably improved.”

After going through this action plan John, an HR leader at a major tech company, told me:

“The biggest change in my life because of this is my confidence. I have a job to do and I want to be able to execute it with a high degree of confidence. I still have uncertainties at times but I now know that I am capable of delivering what is needed and ensuring it is always completed with professionalism.”

Radhika is a Finance Leader at a third tech company who was hesitant about what she would find when it came to her villains followed up with me via email to say:

“I wanted to let you know our Leadership meeting today went great because I now know my villains! I did not get to all of the guide’s suggestions, although talking about what I need and having them do the same, helped all of us move forward in a big way.  We are going to be a force to be reckoned with. Activate superpowers!!! :)”