In this episode of Ctrl + Alt + Delete with Lisa Duerre™ – Make sure to double click on these key moments in the episode:

[3:30] Being able to influence in a time of constrained resources

[10:30] Leaving the world a better place than you found it

[11:57] Being a scholar is a practice

[16:35] When you’re a Yoda, you are helping to combine the best of all of the the people around you to come up with infinitely better outcomes

[18:48] The soft skills are the hard skills

[19:00] How being the Scholar rather than the Technical Expert creates connection

[21:53] The biggest challenge to relationships are are unmet expectations

[22:30] 75% of Investigations are because of poor communication

[28:40] Increasing the use of the word AND to create different conversations

[30:15] How can quieting your Barking Dog (hijacked amygdala) allow you to listen to your Hooting Wise Owl

[37:23] You don’t have to agree but can you find alignment?

[44:30] Who are your stakeholders in Raising Your Game?

[47:59] What is the difference between advice and feedback

[49:37] The gift of gratitude in your leadership


  • Understand that when you are raising your voice, you are likely hijacked by your amygdala and coming from a place of fear and it might feel like you are a barking dog. What would it look like if you could calm down the dog and activate your hooting wise owl instead? Lisa Beth shares with us what are some key skills you can activate by calming down the barking dog so you can create connected conversations and open the communication channels with your team, peers, family and communities.
  • Over 75% of HR investigations are rooted in miscommunication. Learn how you can listen to understand and align rather than speak so you can feel like the expert.
  • Get practical tips on how to create connection with the other person across the table or zoom screen without raising your voice. It’s a game changer! Learn how to amplify your game so that you can be a person of influence and be able to lead your team while navigatingRaising Your Game, Not Your Voice | Lisa Beth Lentini Walker the BANI world.

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