Make sure to double-click on these key moments in this episode of Ctrl+Alt+Delete with Lisa Duerre™:

[01:00] CHANGES Card Deck 

[02:00] Spirit of Abundance Thinking 

[02:40] Origins of the CHANGES Card Deck 

[03:20] Getting better at managing and creating change. 

[03:56] Seven Pillars that impact of affect change 

[04:19] Leaders get better at asking provocative questions. It will change our trajectory.  

[04:50] Flipping the script on BANI. 

[06:00] The card deck is applicable in our professional lives and in our personal lives. 

[09:00] Using questions to unlock the power of a group or team. 

[10:00] Nourishment Pillar power. 

[16:30] Michael’s background: Elevating consciousness and human development and change

[19:00] Why people don’t like change. 

[21:00] Resourcing yourself within the pressures of the systems. 

[21:51] Changes Deck Practice – Meaningful Meeting 

[29:30] Creative emergence through these questions happens quickly. 

[31:00] Changes Deck Question Practice 

[36:00] What do you really think drives performance? 

[37:20] FIRM Leadership 

[42:00] How can you keep in touch with Michael and follow his work?


  • Being good at change is a meta-skill that has a trickle-down effect on everything else. Get better at managing and creating change.
  • Questions are one of the most helpful tools we have as leaders and people. If we get better at asking provocative questions, we change our trajectory.
  • There is deep connectivity between nourishment and performance. It will take a business culture change that we need to do “whatever it takes” sacrificing our health and nourishment to actually create the results we are looking for. The science is there; business culture needs to catch up. There are clear answers out there and available. It’s about connecting with the people and beliefs that there is a connection and can teach it. Look to thought leaders that explore the topics. Dig in and question your assumptions and look at the work from: Raj Sisodia, Fred Kaufman, Amy Edmonson, Lisa Duerre, Google Research Project – Aristotle. People are looking for a different workplace environment, and this is a critical time to be asking the question about performance and nourishment as a business leader.
  • People don’t like change or loss because people want consistency and predictability because it answers the question, “Am I safe?” and when we experience change, it disrupts our answer to “Am I safe?”

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