In this episode of Ctrl + Alt + Delete with Lisa Duerre™ – Make sure to lean in during these key moments in the episode:

[2:00] Power of choice – no “shouldas” or “have tos”

[4:40] What it means to design your life on purpose

[8:00] Prioritizing time for joy and fun without compromising your job

[9:00] Asking purposeful questions to find what you can eliminate

[9:40] Adding things to your calendar that feed and nourish you

[16:00] Power of feeding and nourishing your employees

[16:30] Saying yes to yourself and building a life outside of work

[18:00] Gaining support from leadership to incorporate life into the workday

[21:30] The BANI World (brittle, anxious, non-linear, incomprehensible)

[22:15] Anecdote to BANI is FIRM (flexibility, intuition, resilience, mindfulness)

[22:50] Flexing your flexibility muscle for greater peace

[27:20] Tapping into your intuition to be open and fully present

[32:30] To build resilience, fill your tank

[43:30] Using mindfulness to live with intentionality

[49:00] Bring FIRM into your daily practice for clarity on the life you want to live


  • Designing your life on purpose doesn’t happen by accident. It requires you to be mindful and purposeful. You are a human being, not a robot – it’s time to design your life on purpose.
  • In this BANI (brittle, anxious, non-linear, incomprehensible) world, we need to be FIRM (flexible, intuitive, resilient, and mindful) which will require us to ask purposeful questions, have purposeful conversations, and take purposeful action in our lives.
  • Happiness is a noble pursuit; feeding and nourishing yourself is key to building a well-rounded & purposeful life.

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