In this episode of Ctrl + Alt + Delete with Lisa Duerre™ – Make sure to lean in during these key moments in the episode:

[1:50] The world is not slowing down, it’s not getting easier. No one is saying “I’ve got it all covered!”

[4:15] If burnout and emotional issues are showing up in your workplace, you’ve got systemic issue

[4:45] You need more than one tool in your leadership toolbox

[7:34] Tool 1: Asking people how they *really* are – and actually listening

[15:40] Tool 2: Setting boundaries – what’s yours to solve, and on what timetable

[27:50] Tool 3: Uncovering the systemic issues – what are you not talking about in your organization?

[34:47] Tool 4: Taking care of yourself so you can be there for others – then model the way

[36:43] How this demonstrates FIRM leadership

[52:50] Like it or not, people are at the heart of tech


  • Start by checking in on yourself – How am I doing and what am I doing to recharge myself?
  • Then engage in the conversation with your people – How are you doing? Be ready and courageous to truly listen
  • Part of self-care as a leader is setting boundaries even as you engage your people – “I really want to hear what you have to say. I have 10 minutes right now – what is your top concern?”
  • Build the language and mutual accountability into the culture to sustain individual and systemic wellbeing
  • Make no mistake – this is not fluffy “nice to have” BS. It is foundational to a vibrant, sustainable high-performing organization

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