In this episode of Ctrl + Alt + Delete with Lisa Duerre™ – Make sure to lean in during these key moments in the episode:

[6:28] How the Leaders in (geographically) distributed work should leverage all unique differences to build a culture of flexibility / adaptability

[14:00] How to rethink the importance of sharing what you do about your work.

[16:50] Simple organizational / tactical ways to share, inform and acknowledge.

[21:40] The importance of being intentional in how you design and run the meetings.

[23:10] Pick up a phone more often to build relationships.

[26:45] Revisit the culture norms with your team

[31:02] Creating a contagious organizational culture that is productive and engaging.

[33:25] People retention and resignation

[37:50] The importance of pausing and getting clarity on “what you truly want” before impulsively quitting the job

[45:10] Align (connect with) your inner authority with your your life choices and actions


  • Leaders in geographically distributed businesses should be paying attention to all of the differences that employees are dealing with, showing understanding and adapting their business practices.
  • When the leaders are intentional in how they design and run the meetings, they create time and space for more human connections at the same time.
  • Encourage flexibility and creativity of using all available channels and tools for connection and communication (in distributed workforce). Pick the right one, not the default one.
  • Have a conversation about the organization’s values and norms with your team often that everybody is on the same page.
  • Frequent voluntary turnover rates have a negative impact on your organization in more ways than one. By noticing signs of toxicity early, leaders can act and make organizations more attractive to stay.
  • Resignation decisions that are spontaneous and impulsive are often not in the best service of your wants. When you catch yourself in those thoughts, take a pause first. Get the clarity on “what you truly want” before impulsively quitting the job. Have an open conversation with your manager.
  • “Things are not as big, as personal, or as permanent as you think.”

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